Ryan Willden - Albino Merriams Wild Turkey

Merriam's Wild Turkey

I was talking to Ryan at our local NWTF banquet. He was telling me about his turkey hunt last year where he took this Albino Merriam’s Wild Turkey. I could not believe what he was showing me on his cell phone. I asked him if he would send me the photo so I could put it on findmeahunt.com. I would give up 20 turkey hunts just to take a tom like this. This is the coolest photo, I think it is the best one I have every seen about turkey hunting.

Ryan told me he found this tom using binoculars. He told his hunting partner he had found a nice tom strutting on the hill side next to a snow bank. His friend said the snow bank was moving also. It was two toms together and one was Albino. Later he took this once in a life time trophy.

Thanks Ryan

Steve Sillitoe

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